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Blossom the bunny learns an important lesson one day while playing in the meadow! 


When comparison begins - contentment ends!

It Just Blooms is a story that will help children embrace the concept that they can all BLOOM in their own special way and in their own PERFECT time!


It Just Blooms is a story I wrote that was primarily INSPIRED by a conversation

I had with my beautiful 8-year-old daughter Ellie!


a beautiful phrase that I read a few years ago circulating on social media... 

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.

It just blooms."

What Others Say...


"This is the cutest children’s book! It teaches children that our differences are our strengths and that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. It also has the most beautiful illustrations! If you are a teacher or have children in your life, this is a must! Loved it!"

"The author creatively and masterfully teaches an impactful life-changing principle... that serves both children and adults in the reading of It Just Blooms. In a world where we are subject to messages coming from every direction, I encourage any parent who desires to help their child develop a greater sense of self, adequate personal confidence, and healthy relationships with others to make this special little read one that gets used, often...."

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"This is an adorable story that had my 4-year-old granddaughter mesmerized. I loved the premise of the story, and ordered the book for this reason. It did not disappoint! This is a very well written book with delightful illustrations. I plan to order more copies for all my grandchildren as I feel it is a valuable life lesson for them to grow with!"



What If We Had a Pet Shark? 

One sunny day... Ellie went on a field trip to the ZOO. 

She saw LIONS and GIRAFFES and even a KANGAROO!

This book is a fun and whimsical story that will provide a lot of smiles and laughs for young readers everywhere!

Available January 2021

Coming Soon...

I Am Light

I am the shimmer on the ocean...

that sparkles like diamonds in the sea.

I am the stars you see in the heavens,

twinkling far away in the galaxies!

I Am Light is a beautiful story, that is shared through light-filled words and illustrations that will captivate your readers from beginning to end.

By the end of this story, you will also discover that...

Light is found everywhere...including inside of YOU! 

Illustration Coming Soon!

Available in 2021

I AM: Two of the Most Powerful Words to Say

I AM...are two of the most powerful words you'll say!

Because the words that will follow them... 

will help to define YOU in a very special way!

Did you know that the two words I AM... invoke the highest frequency of manifestation? This book is filled with positive affirmations because these words are more potent and powerful than we realize! The thoughts we think and the words we speak send powerful energy through us; which has an impact on our minds, and our physical bodies. As children repeat these affirmations out loud and begin to also feel these positive emotions in their bodies, they begin to understand that their own inner strength begins with the words I AM!

Illustration Coming Soon!

Gracie's Powerful Day

As she stepped up to bat, she thought to herself, “I CAN do this. I AM going to hit this ball.”...

The pitch came in and she swung again, but this time she heard the loud crack as her bat hit the ball. She watched the ball go soaring high up into the air....

Gracies's Powerful Day provides an easy way for children to learn about the power their own thoughts have to change their lives! They learn about the power of pause and how they can use positive actions to step into being an empowered creator. They learn the important lesson that they will have days that may not go exactly as planned, but everything is still going to be okay! These are mindfulness skills that will last them a lifetime!

Available 2021

A Beautiful Day

Good morning sunshine! It's another beautiful day!

I'm going to go exploring and see what I can do today!

A Beautiful Day is a heart warming pre-school and primary age book that will take the reader on a fun adventure! You will enjoy climbing to the top of the old oak tree, going to the beach and looking for dolphins out in the sea! This book is a visual stunner and will delight and bring a smile to readers of all ages. 


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