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Why Do I Write?

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There are many reasons that I write my stories! The first reason is... my children! All my stories have been inspired by actual events that have happened with my children. I write fun and playful stories, and also stories that share an empowering message as well. 


I'm going to take a minute (or two) and really elaborate on a few of these powerful concepts that I feel passionate about. You might wonder why I write in depth about these things on a children's book website. I have been on a healing journey the last eight years, and have learned things that I never set out to learn. I've had to walk through this step by step, and have been learning to apply it all. I write about things that I personally know and understand. Whether we are adults or children, the concepts are the same universal truths, and I feel this is a perfect place to share. I write stories that highlight concepts such as self-love, mindfulness, acceptance, wholeness, speaking intentionally, embracing emotions and more. You'll see as you read toward the end of this page, how I weave all these beautiful ideas into the children's books I've written, in very simple and easy to understand stories that are perfect for children.


I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some incredible coaches, teachers, and mentors over the last decade, while simultaneously traversing through some unexpected health challenges. Challenges that have led me to go within myself to fully understand the intricate connection of the body, mind and spirit. I've enjoyed learning about mindfulness, and how the thoughts we think have the power to not only impact our physical bodies but create the world we live in. I've also learned to turn up the volume on my own intuitive gifts, while embracing the power that I've come to know resides within myself.

There is a small space between stimulus and response - where we can pause. Often times when we encounter this stimulus it feels much like unwelcome friction in our lives. Our energy disperses outside of us when this happens. We can feel flustered, panicked and deeply upset among many things. Creating a pause in this space of friction, can at times be difficult. However, within this pause is the moment that we can begin to awaken as the observer

By becoming aware of our thoughts, staying in the present moment and being anchored and grounded within ourselves, we create the prime space to move from being a disempowered reactor to an empowered creator. 

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In this space, we can also connect and feel what is happening inside our bodies. Resisting our emotions, or feeling as if we have to 'choose happiness' all the time can be counter-intuitive. What we resist will persist. Pausing and acknowledging our emotions is a powerful choice to make. Doing this, instead of avoiding or resisting will help you to move through the emotions, and emerge in peace and harmony much quicker. When we become aware, we can notice a charge within ourselves: a knot in our stomach, a lump in the throat, a tightness in the neck, etc.  By feeling the emotion, finding the charge in our body, and breathing deep within our central channel, we can allow the emotions and energy the space it needs to expand and be released from the body. 


In understanding the mind-body connection while healing, I have learned that If you're pushing the emotions into the subconscious by not dealing with it, they are there indefinitely. If you're addressing your emotions consciously, its days are numbered. Transmutation of all difficult emotions happens within the body. Emotions... are energy in motion and energy wants to move! It is important to acknowledge and embrace emotions not in an attempt to get them to just go away, but to embrace them in love to be more present and in full acceptance of yourself exactly as you are. By embracing all emotions, and giving ourselves permission to feel them, we open up our capacity for wholeness. We understand that whatever emotion is trying to rise within us, is here in service to us. Whatever friction and heightened emotions we experience, is right where our medicine is. Lean in and listen. Awareness is a large part of the medicine. 


This process enables us to step out of living in contraction, trying to manage friction and merely surviving... into living and thriving as the creator we are. We will create and our lives will reflect what we are be-ing. The power lies within - for each and every one of us, including children.

It is with awareness and a deeper understanding in knowing that the challenges we encounter in life, are actually an invitation to process and feel difficult emotions with increased faith, surrender, and grace. All while fully recognizing that our life experience is here to serve as a catalyst for

higher consciousness and our expanded awakening. 

The Divine Love that we are here to remember is not absent from difficult emotions,

but is encompassing of ALL emotions.


They will transmute through awareness,  acceptance, and non-resistance. 


There is a strength that comes as we awaken and remember the Divine power and light that shines within us. This energy, light, and love is the essence of what we are. We are pure energy. It's not about just believing in this Divine light, but also fully remembering. There is nothing to acquire, no connection we need to be worthy of, nor is there anything broken or that needs to be fixed within us. We are already perfectly whole and complete, with this Divine light pouring through our system at all times. We cannot be separated from it. It's just a matter of how consistently we can perceive this wholeness.

When we can dissolve the blocks within us that prevent us from feeling this wholeness, we are then able to perceive ourselves as the truth of who we really are - which is LOVE. 

This remembering can be facilitated when we pause and drop into our core. It is from this place that we fully access our higher selves, and remember that we actually are that. By turning our attention within ourselves, it anchors and grounds us in our bodies. In this place of powerful surrender and connection within the body, we have the opportunity to slow our minds and allow space for the inner wisdom to rise. We can literally relax into faith as we release the mind from trying to figure it all out. One of my mentors, Dr. Sue Morter, has taught me that "If the mind were meant to figure it all out, it would have already." Trust me on this one! It seems to be our natural tendency to live up in our heads the majority of the time while over-analyzing our circumstances and lives. The mind is not who we are, and as we un-attach from the mind, we can then begin to use it as a tool. We get to drop beneath the story writing in our minds, into a space of stillness, presence and fully land in our bodies. We can observe and notice the mind from this space. 


When we release the mind from having to figure everything out, we can begin to embrace the unknown. The unknown can become reliable... and admittedly this is easier said than done! If we can release attachment to the outcome, while trusting and surrendering in the unknown, we step into living as a creator. We step into the flow, where life can unfold with more ease and grace while knowing that we are supported by the universe at all times. There is a delicate balance of knowing how to engage the mind, powerfully surrendering, all while letting our soulful self lead the way. 


As we anchor in the body and begin to have those small shifts in perception and remember our wholeness, we begin to step into our personal power. It is when we awaken. When we embrace the vibration of love and remember the love that we are. We realize that it is all right inside. Yes, you are the one you've been waiting for! 


The more we can do this, the more we can have what we came here to have; which is to be the conscious creator of our life experience and access the truth of who we are! 

We actually are the creator, the created, and the creation. 

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One of my favorite quotes by Dr. Joe Dispenza is this..."If your thoughts can make you it possible that your thoughts can also help you to heal?" This is incredibly powerful! The words that we speak and the thoughts we think send powerful energy through us; which has an impact on our minds, our physical bodies and creates the world we live in. It's important to remember though, I'm not suggesting that it's necessary to live in 'happy land' all the time. Step back and be the observer of your thoughts if you can. You will find that it is just your mind doing what the mind does, which is spinning up a lot of stories and trying to keep you 'safe'. As well, feeling and allowing our emotions in non-judgment and acceptance, is equally as important as using our positive thoughts and affirmations. The words we speak are energetic wishes and imprint within our bodies on a cellular level. We literally create neural pathways with the thoughts we think and the words we speak. I have studied this in the neural retraining program I have taken to facilitate neuroplasticity and rehabilitation of the limbic system. Neuroplasticity is simply the ability of the brain to change. Words are that important! 


I AM are two of the most powerful words a person can say. In fact, the words I AM... invoke the highest frequency of manifestation. They are more potent and powerful than we realize! The subconscious is very literal, so it's important to speak in the present tense particularly when making declarations or setting intentions. Use powerful, expansive, and energy-filled words. Use words that you want to sink into the subconscious. When you think thoughts and speak words repetitively, they create new neuro-circuitry.


Then add a strong emotion to these positive words, thoughts, and visualizations

- meaning you're able to actually feel the positive emotion in the body -

and now you're in the manifesting and creation zone.


Transformation occurs within the body. You want to actually bring the higher vibrations of the positive affirmations, intentions, and dreams and feel them inside the body. You create an energetic pathway within your body when you embody the positive emotion. Believe this power to change, create, manifest, and heal is within you...and you've just discovered one of the main keys. Thoughts and words are powerful. 


Another important aspect to this mind-body connection is understanding theta brain waves. Yes, I want to share this because I think it's so important! In my own healing journey, I have learned all about theta brain waves for releasing and rewiring the brain. Children between the ages of 2 and 7 years old are predominantly experiencing life in a theta brain wave state, where the subconscious mind rewires, stores, imprints and creates. It's where core beliefs are formed.

How do theta brain waves relate to children and what I am discussing here? 


Due to this theta state, much of what young children are learning, feeling and experiencing in early childhood is being directly imprinted into their subconscious. This is why it is so important that children be raised in a nurturing environment; one that is filled with love and positivity. At this age, they are in a heightened state of imagination and are very connected to their internal world. What is stored in the subconscious at this age has a direct impact on the rest of their lives, and will show up as they get older in their behaviors, belief systems, and feelings of self worth. It will show up in how they react and respond to difficult situations and how they interact in relationships too. This is so important because how our subconscious is wired as a child, directly impacts our 'come from' and the lens through which we view ourselves and the world around us. As adults, we are typically operating on a conscious level only about 5% of the time, while 95% of the time our subconscious is the operating system. So what is stored in our subconscious is critical to being able to successfully navigate our lives in a healthy, productive and empowered state. What is stored in our subconscious impacts our thoughts and our minds. Our lives, our health and our life experiences are an outpicturing of our mind, our thoughts, and our subconscious beliefs. 

More in Depth Discussion...


Now that we know the subconscious is actually our 'operating system' most of the time... how do we shift this to ensure the lens that we are viewing life through, is distortion free? In my healing journey I have learned all about root cause healing vs. just managing or masking symptoms. This is no different. Energy is the root cause  - because everything is energy... from the chair you're sitting on to the emotions you feel.  I have studied bio-energetics for several years now... all in efforts to peel back the layers in my quest for physical healing. Everything in the universe is actually energy vibrating in different wavelengths. Objects and physical form are just more condensed and compacted energy. Positive and negative thought patterns are just different energetic vibrational frequencies. The body is pure energy. Trauma, emotional upsets, and memories are all stored in the subconscious and the bio-energetic field in the body. Energy blocks and distortions within the body can ultimately cause all kinds of physical dis-ease. They also contribute one to live life and interact with others from victim mentality, from the protective personality stance and as a disempowered reactor. As we make the quantum flip and our beliefs and thoughts are generated from the Divine soulful self vs. from the ego/mind, our lives begin to shift and reflect this change. 


Healing and progression on the physical, emotional and conscious level requires more than just analyzing thought patterns; but fully addressing the energetic blocks within the body. This energy, that we actually are, is meant to flow unimpeded through our bodies. Emotional wellbeing, healing and health is a byproduct of this unimpeded and robust energetic flow. Again, this is root cause healing. There are techniques that one can do to rewire and release from the subconscious, and also ways to remove the energetic blocks within our bodies. Some of which, I've described intentionally feeling emotions while letting them dissipate and move through the body. That's moving energy. It's not as difficult a process as it sounds, but it does take some intention, some new tools, some education and knowledge about how this process works. 

SO...How does all this relate to my CHILDREN'S BOOKS?

Such a GREAT question! The stories I write illustrate beautifully what can be learned and how choices can be made while in the space of this mindfulness and beautiful awakening! I make it all very simple too. 

Children will learn about: ​

  • Opening their hearts, self-love, and love for others

  • Anchoring in their bodies and being present and mindful

  • Acceptance for themselves and others...exactly as they are!

  • How to feel and free emotions so that they don't get stuck inside

  • How to pause and think before reacting

  • About the power of I AM statements

  • The words we speak impacts our minds and our bodies

  • To remember the light that shines from within!

  • Gratitude for the simple blessings in life

  • How to feel empowered instead of disempowered

  • How they can stand fully in their own beauty and magnificence

  • When comparison begins - contentment ends... and how to release this temptation to compare

  • Why being unique and different is awesome!

  • And so much more!

I've weaved these beautiful and life-affirming messages

into the books I've written, in simple and easy to understand stories

that are perfect for children!

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We are all works in progress - including myself! The beauty lies in having the awareness and the tools to know what to do when we encounter this friction in our lives. It is not about holding ourselves up to a standard of perfection, or holding others up to a standard of perfection. It's about loving and accepting all parts of ourselves, even when we make mistakes and even the parts we perceive as 'negative'. Thank it for teaching you, accept, allow and LOVE into it all while being present with yourself in the moment. This IS the WHOLENESS that eludes so many. Wholeness is not what we typically refer to as this free of all 'flaws' state of being. Wholeness is presence with all that IS, exactly as we are, knowing that what we are experiencing is exactly perfect. How do we know what has happened is supposed to happen? Because it did! All of our life experiences are here for our soulful evolution! Freedom and inner peace are a byproduct of living in this state of allowing, and non-resistance. 


Accepting and being gentle with ourselves as we learn and evolve is an integral part of self-love.


Lastly, all of my stories have been inspired in one way or another. However, there have been a few of my stories such as It Just Blooms, Gracie's Powerful Day, I Am: Two of the Most Powerful Words to Say, Embracing Me, and I Am Light  that have come to me in what I call 'heavenly downloads'. The entire story came to my mind in a block of information. Each time this happened, I stopped everything and I wrote the ideas out for the story until it was all down on paper. I will share and write more about those experiences as each one of these books is released. 


I feel passionate about sharing all of these universal truths with my own children and young readers everywhere, and feel I've been given the gift of some Divine assistance in bringing these stories to life.


I hope you enjoy reading my stories! Kids are awesome and what a gift to be able to start teaching them these concepts at such a young age! I look forward to getting to meet some of you and share my books with you!

In much light, gratitude and love,


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