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"I haven't found a book that has made my mom heart warm in a while, this did it. We can celebrate our uniqueness and other's uniqueness without feeling as though we have to compete. Both of my children adored it and when I asked my 4 year old boy what he would rate this he said 10/5. It was perfect in every way and the message is so important, bloom in your own special way."

- Breanna Winter, Author

We own a million books and It Just Blooms is by far THE BEST! The pictures are gorgeous and the story has such an impactful and important message. BUY IT! You will not regret it! I CANNOT RAVE ABOUT IT ENOUGH!

Kimberly B. - Amazon Review

"This is one of the better books on explaining how it’s not just okay but actually good that we are different. I like how the author used blooming flowers in a garden to explain her message. Nicely done. Congratulations."

- Amazon Review

"I'm always looking for a book that teaches a strong moral message while still telling a quality story, and It Just Blooms does exactly that! It Just Blooms teaches children about embracing their differences while celebrating others through a sweet main character's journey through self-discovery. You can't help but love Blossom and the beautiful artwork throughout this story! I would recommend this book for any girl or boy!"

- Kacie C., Special Education Teacher

"The kiddos thoroughly enjoyed the book!  They are 5th graders and they could relate to the theme of 'each of us is special in some way and therefore we have something to offer to this world.' The discussion that followed brought up how we are frequently comparing ourselves to others and sometimes feeling as though we don't measure up....this message is universal. Thank you so much for sharing your book with us!"

- Tanya Waddell, 5th Grade Teacher

"This is an adorable story that had my 4-year-old granddaughter mesmerized. I loved the premise of the story, and ordered the book for this reason. It did not disappoint! This is a very well written book with delightful illustrations. I plan to order more copies for all my grandchildren as I feel it is a valuable life lesson for them to grow with!"

- Pam L., Amazon Reviewer

"This is the cutest children’s book! It teaches children that our differences are our strengths and that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others.It also has the most beautiful illustrations! If you are a teacher or have children in your life, this is a must! Loved it!"

- Michelle V., Amazon Reviewer

"Beautiful story! It Just Blooms is a darling book! The illustrations are beautiful and the message is perfect for all of us! I would recommend this book for every child. A sweet reminder to be happy and accepting of our own individuality and talents!"

- Carrie W., Amazon Review

"The author creatively and masterfully teaches an impactful life-changing principle that I believe, serves both children and adults in the reading of It Just Blooms. She also does so concisely, which I appreciate and am inspired by. The message is delivered in both the words on the page and the beautifully effective illustrations. In a world where we are subject to messages coming from every direction, I encourage any parent who desires to help their child develop a greater sense of self, adequate personal confidence, and healthy relationships with others to make this special little read one that gets used, often. And, while you're at it, it would likely make the same difference for you and would also help you be an improved example and teacher as a parent yourself. It has for me. Enjoy the read. I sure did. And I will again and again."

- Brandon Craig, Ontocore

"The message in It Just Blooms is so important for children to hear and is told in a simple and cute manner. Be yourself and love your unique gifts! The illustrations are too cute! A perfect book to add to your child's library."

- Becky Cummings, Author of 'The Magic in Me' Children's Book Series

Finny the Frog (3).png

"I just read your book! Fantastic! Such a sweet story, and a valuable lesson. We mothers of all daughters can relate to this so well. I will be purchasing the hard copy to share with my future grandchildren. I wish you success and a future of many more inspirational stories! The world needs children's books such as this." 

- Chanin W., Instagram Review

"At the end of the book my son said, 'Wow, that was really good! I thought it was going to be a book just about flowers!' So even my 11year old boy loved it! I wish I could have captured their smiles at the end!"

- Cherish P., Parent Review


"Such a sweet, simple and to-the--point book with beautiful illustrations. I also liked that you speak to the reader not only as a small child, but as someone older who can use this lovely little lesson at any time in their lives. Well done.


- Tara S., Parent Review 

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