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It Just Blooms is a multi-award winning

book and the recipient of the

GOLD MEDAL Reader's Choice award!

Do you want to help your child feel more confident without the need to compare

with others?

Do you want to help your child understand that being 'different' is actually a good thing?

Children learn the concept just like

Blossom does that

A flower does not need to compare itself

to the flower next to it —


This story teaches universal truths of self-love and empowerment and can be adapted to facilitate age-appropriate discussions with both younger and older children.

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This book is a TEACHER FAVORITE!

This is a simple and fun rhyming book
for your LITTLE ONES!

Read along as Ellie uses her imagination and wonders what her life would be like to live with MANY DIFFERENT ANIMALS

It's time to ask SILLY QUESTIONS!

Would you like to have a pet snake...
that will bake you a delicious chocolate cake?

Which animal would you like to bring
home from the ZOO? 

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It's another beautiful day!
I'm going to go EXPLORING

see what I can go out and do today!

Good Morning Sunshine is a heart warming story that will take young readers on a FUN ADVENTURE!

Let's CLIMB to the top of the old oak tree!
Go to the beach...

and look for dolphins out at sea!

Your YOUNG READERS will love to follow along as Summer goes out to explore her day!

I AM LIGHT is a beautiful story that is shared through light-filled words and illustrations,
that will captivate young readers from

beginning to end!

By the end of this story, you will also discover that

LIGHT is everywhere and in everything,
including right INSIDE OF YOU!

LIGHT is in the SHIMMER on the ocean,

that SPARKLES like diamonds in the sea.
LIGHT is in the STARS you see in the heavens, TWINKLING far away in the galaxies!


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